hyped up

There’s hype, there’s pomp and ceremony, there’s excitement and there’s anticipation. So much is happening around mobile media and so many people are talking about it that often we tend to lose sight of why exactly mobile media is so popular. There are advantages about mobile media that immediately catapult it to the forefront of media innovation.


Mobile media has leapfrogged traditional media forms at an alarming rate. To date there are 3.25 billion mobile users globally which is more than television, computer and cinema screens combined. While this is an impressive stat what is even more impressive is that it took 20 years to get the first 1 billion mobile users, 40 months to get to 2 billion users and only 12 months to reach 3 billion users. A phenomenal feat, but the question is why?


It comes down to the fact that mobile media is personal. You carry your cell phone on you at all times, I even sleep with my phone under my pillow! You do not share your phone with anyone so you can create, produce, and consume content at any time that is convenient for you. You no longer have to walk down the street to pick up the daily newspaper and then only read the sports page. You can subscribe to the sports feed and get regular updates. It’s news on the move, which caters to whatever you are interested in. Mobile media is all about the niche markets. Mobile has the ability to fragment the masses into smaller groups. But at the same time is able to network that mass.  


Mobile media also offers a very easy interactive platform. You can Facebook, twitter and blog off your mobile phone. There is immediate contact with others, which is available to you whenever you want to interact.


One of the most alluring characteristics about mobile media is that there is a built in payment mechanism. You do not have to worry about having cash on you or electronically transferring anything. If you want a particular ringtone, you go to an appropriate website and then you download it. Payment happens immediately, as the money is deducted from your pre-paid account or your contract.


Mobile media looks like it is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future, but instead of simply adopting a mass medium strategy, what is unique, and popular, about mobile media is that it is personal and it caters specifically to your tastes, something which traditional mass media does not do.


Want to check out more about this? Look at Inspector Gadget’s post ‘A whiff of the modern cellphone‘  



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